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Unlock Child's Potential is a locally-registered charity based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. We operate in rural communities in partnership with government primary and secondary schools and local communities to implement sustainable community-led initiatives



Water Sanitation & Hygiene

This project has improved the health status of 1818 children from 4 schools in 2 Councils of Kilimanjaro Region by reducing the incidences of preventable communicable diseases.This project is supported by African initiative(AI)

To restore child-rights and empower children to create positive change through community based solutions, ensuring children have improved access to education, protection and healthcare. We will work in communities to develop and demonstrate best practice, engaging and collaborating with key players to take our work beyond the boundaries of our organisation.

Our Mission


WASH- Water Sanitation and Hygiene

The project has reduce the incidences of preventable communicable diseases by enabling students to wash their hands regulary in groups or individuals.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus .

Save the students by clicking donate button to support the project implimentation a to make chilrean safe in school,


My School My Voice (MSMV) is a project which empowers children about their rights, responsibilities and provide platform to talk about issues affecting their lives, including all forms of abuse and violation of their right. Establishment of child right clubs help children to learn, understand their right and empowered hence become active agents of change within their school as well community and restoration of child right. 

Save the students by clicking donate button to support the project implimentation a to make chilrean safe in school



The program aim to teach Sign language with teachers and deaf students, classes are conducted weekly in the institutions,  The programme also procured 175 sign language dictionaries and it will be distributed at the later stage to parents group, students and teachers. people with disabilities are very important to our society since they require education like other narmal students. 

Save the deaf students by clicking donate button to support the project implimentation to save more disability students

Maisha Bora
Maisha Bora
Longido- health District officer
Maisha Bora
Maisha Bora
Deaf student from Ghona VTC
SWASH CLUB : Mnazi Primary school
Njia Panda Borehole project
GHONA VTC : Students
African Child International Day



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Unlock a Child’s Potential,

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