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As we grow and develop, we are increasingly measuring the outcomes of our work. This means measuring the positive impact we have on the children we work with. Through monitoring and evaluation of our projects, we are analyzing the number of children we work with, and how we're lengthening their access to education, healthcare, and child protection



UaCP’s staff and programmers are truly diverse, and we do not discriminate based on gender, disability, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, caste or age. Whilst UaCP is very careful not to align with any specific political groups, parties, organization’s or philosophies in the areas we work in, we do engage very closely with the government to promote our work and lobby for the fulfilment of the rights of children. Furthermore, all our efforts are aimed at complementing rather than opposing government efforts and priorities.

Although we recognize and acknowledge that different cultures have different attitudes (both in the workplace and society) towards different issues, we as an organization ensure that all of our internal and external interactions actively promote inclusion, tolerance, respect, and above all, equality.

Moreover, despite working in many different communities, focus is given to process not hierarchy. Our Project Management discipline sees people working collaboratively together based on expertise and involvement rather than any of the traditional hierarchical work practices.



Wherever possible we seek to actively engage our donors and supporters to encourage them to gain a deeper understanding of our work and become involved as active stakeholders, rather than passive contributors. In addition to creating an energetic and enthused supporter base, this has the added advantage of transforming UaCP from being just an organization, into an active movement.

Most of our staff and some of our supporters are young people themselves and, as such, the future decision makers within their societies. By becoming advocates during such a pivotal stage of their lives, our staff and supporters develop a broader sense of development awareness and are embedded with the passion needed to successfully promote the interests and rights of children around the world.

Moreover, we encourage the active engagement of our beneficiaries, communities, project partners and staff. Child participation and community led development is integral to every aspect of our work, from the formation of projects to the assessment of our impact on the ground.



In our role as the custodians of funds intended to benefit the lives of children around the world, it is especially important that we transparently communicate the nature of our projects and our financial operations to our donors, the communities in which we work, the organization’s that we support and the wider public. Our reputation for sound financial management is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, we have a responsibility to be honest and open with the children who participate in our projects and the communities who invite us to work with them.

In order to improve our work as an organization and contribute positively to the work done by the community development sector, it is also especially important that we are honest about the challenges that we face and share the lessons we have learnt in order to enable others to improve their work. Central to this is the creation of an organizational culture within UaCP which avoids blame and encourages a sense of shared responsibility for organizational development. Through acknowledging our weaknesses and failings we can respond constructively and work effectively to enhance our efforts.

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