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WASH-Sango primary school

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

WASH project has improved the health status of children from 6 schools in 2 Councils of Kilimanjaro Region of which among four schools, Sokoine, Kiboriloni primary, Kiboriloni secondary and Mnazi primary are in Moshi Municipal Council and two schools Sango primary and Nkosangana primary school are Moshi District Council which aim to reduce the incidences of preventable communicable diseases. WASH project is supported by African initiative(AI). We managed to improve WASH facilities such as toilets and water connections by installing 30 group handwashing facilities and storage tanks of 2000 liters, supplied cleaning materials and sanitary pads for girls in school. UaCP team managed to conduct trainings for LGA’s, teachers, parents, and students on Menstrual hygiene management, soap making, soap holders to insure project sustainability but also working with children and teachers to embed daily group handwashing activities at school and delivering workshops and establishing committees with school management, parents and community members to

ensure a sustainable approach to preventive health practices

Toilet Renovation

The progress of renovating toilets at Mnazi and kiboriloni primary schools was successfully done. Renovated areas included; the urinary place, replacement of pipes in sewage system, floor, doors, door frames and replacement of sinks in the former toilet block at Mnazi primary. The MHM room was identified in each school and improved the condition by fixing sanitary pad box and dustbin in order to attract more girls attending classes during their monthly menstruation days as they experience comfortability while in school environment.

Mnazi primary-toilet Before renovation Mnazi primary toilet after renovation

Kiboriloni Primary school toilet before and after photos

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