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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

My School My Voice (MSMV) is a project which empowers children about their rights, responsibilities and provide platform to talk about issues affecting their lives, including all forms of abuse and violation of their right. Establishment of child right clubs help children to learn, understand their right and empowered hence become active agents of change within their school as well community and restoration of child right. In 2018, we had 30 children at Mkomilo where the project operates, 20 workshops conducted with Childreach staffs and 40 worships conducted with My School My Voice teachers/coordinator in the Children’s Club. Directly we reached 30 children and 90 children were indirectly reached through peer to peer / child to child learning where by every child from the club taught 3 other children at school in child rights and protection

Students from Sango primary School presenting song concerning with childprotection which was conducted on 16th June 2019 at Kahe..

My School My Voice Story Of Change 2018/2019

Case story 1

My name is Susana Martin a first born in my family, I am of 12 years old, am in standard IV at Mkomilo primary school. I was raised by both parents before they separated last year, my mother left the house to Singida where her parent lives, because she was accused by my father that she wanted to poison him. After my parent’s separation my father also left home to Babati, it is a year since they left. I remained in the village with my young brother of 3years old and we are living with my grandfather, grandmother and my aunt my father’s sister.

I have been in the club since I was in standard 3, I have increased my knowledge on child right, child protection and child responsibilities. It has helped me to be creative, example during African child day I designed an envelope and slippers that we displayed in the exhibition.

Case Story 2

My name is Nicetas Leonad a boy of 9 years of age, standard 6 at Mkomilo primary school. I am the last born in my family and am living with both my father and my mother, my two elder siblings are at college. We are living peacefully and happy.

My favorite subjects of mathematics and science, in the future I want to become a teacher. I also like to playing football. My favorite food is cooked banana. I used to help my mother by washing the dishes and feeding the animals. While am at home I also get a chance to play as well to do my homework.

I have been in the club for one year, Damas was assigned by Childreach staff to teach me about child rights, child protection and child responsibilities during the break time because I was very new in the club and I was not aware of my rights .While we are in club session I like singing songs, listening to storytelling narrated with my club mates , dramas and traditional dances , the sessions that I like the most are the once which changed my life such as self-reflection, as well as child responsibilities which helped me to be a good boy in my life.

One day when I was passing by the street and I found some children’s gang who mistreated me by making bad and insulative jokes , I did not fight back and I decide to report them to my father, we went to the children’s parent to tell them, after the parents’ conversation we reconciled I remembered what we are told at the school club that it is our responsibility to report any kind of abuse to whoever we trust than taking matters in our hands or keeping quite . Up to date we respect each other. I advise my fellow children to respect each other to avoid conflicts.

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