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Unlock a Child's Potential is a locally registered charity based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. We work closely with local communities and volunteers to help improve children`s access to quality education, healthcare and child rights and protection in partnership with public primary schools. Unlock a Child's Potential is part of the global network 


To empower children and society to create positive change through community based solutions, and have improved access to education, human rights protection, healthcare and livelihood through support and empowerment.


The organisation vision is a  world where the community particularly children have the opportunity to unlock their potential in life.

What We Do

We make primary schools brighter, more child-friendly and healthier. We improve schools by renovating and constructing facilities including classrooms, toilets, teachers' houses, kitchens, dining halls and play-grounds. We also improve sanitation within schools by providing water sources, including water wells, rain water harvesting systems and connecting schools to water mains.

We empower children to advocate for their rights through child-to-child clubs, children are taught and empowered to advocate and lobby for their for their rights to key decision makers. We provide psychosocial to marginalised children and work to ensure that all children in Tanzania have equal opportunities


We link schools and teach children to be global citizens: children in Tanzania and children in the UK engage in mutual learning and increase their own awareness, as well as the awareness of others, on international issues.

Participatory and child - centred workshops are also conducted in schools where children learn about their rights and responsibilities.

We help schools to provide lunches from their farms: grain and vegetables are grown on school farms and used to provide lunch and improve children’s nutritional intake at school. Parents and community members are also taught sustainable farming techniques that they can use in their own farms.

We light up family homes: our Litre of Light programme uses innovative and cheap technology reliant on sunlight, where bottles of water are installed in dark households. This kind of technology helps people to keep their houses clean, spend less money on kerosene, and children have enough light to do their homework in the evenings. Solar torches are also provided for night-time use.

We provide more opportunities for disabled children: we encourage the enrolment of deaf children into schools and we give sign language training to improve communication between deaf children, teachers and parents. We also provide vocational skills and advocate for the rights of deaf children and young adults.

How We Do It

We work with unsung heroes – people within communities who have been supporting the rights of children for years. By working in partnership with these local activists, we ensure that our projects are tailored to what children really want and are entitled to.

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Unlock a Child’s Potential,

Kimochi Road, P.O. Box 2139, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania  

Tel: (+255) 0758996990 Web: www.uacptz.org Email: info@uacptz.org

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